The minds behind it

Gobas q.trans minds
The idea to develop a tool, which connects the environment SAP ® ABAP OO to model-driven software development, was born from experience – the professional practice of the development experts of the Gobas Group:

A large German financial service provider changed his SAP ® ABAP OO development to model-driven software development for quality reasons. Until now, there has not been any tool that was able to transfer UML models to SAP ® ABAP OO in a simple, fast and secure way. Therefore Gobas q.trans was born. In the course of the project, more features like “reverse engineering” or “software metrics” were added for assessing the quality of the source code

During hundreds of development hours, the heads of the Gobas created a powerful tool, which a modern developer cannot afford to avoid in the world of SAP ®.